Given all of the information available, we have decided to suspend the recall of Carolyn Goodman.

Initially we paused the effort in order to try and sync the timeline of the recall with the general election.

However, as we waited for a more favorable date, we learned a few things:

1) Our initial plan to safely gather signatures via mail does not fulfill the legal requirement. In other words, our only option is to gather signatures in person during the pandemic, and the city would not make an exception.

2) There will not be a period of time to gather in-person signatures safely, as we are now facing another spike in cases.

3) The astronomical cost, logistics, and risks of conducting the recall during this period are untenable.

4) The people who need to sign this petition (those who voted in the last election) are the people most at risk. (The average voter was over 80 years old.)

I just want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone. The support we got out of the gate was amazing and I thought we could go the distance. Unfortunately given the laws of recall elections, and the risks posed by Coronavirus, it is not worth putting voters at risk for such a low probability of a successful recall.

While I am disappointed, I stand by my reason for the recall: that the citizens of Las Vegas deserve better than to be a control group in Carolyn Goodman's experiment.